Gutter Cleaning

Here also we at Mr. Magic have been servicing our clients needs with Gutter Cleaning, those annoying days when the birds peck the moss out of the gutter and spill it all over your lovely garden making a right eyesore mess.

We at Mr. Magic thoroughly clean out all moss from gutters and unblock down pipes and drains leaving your Gutters spotless and clean, we would recommend that you get your gutters cleaned at least every 2 years if not every year just to stay on top of the growth of moss.

Howth Window Coleaner

10 years in business

Hello and welcome to my business, Mr. Magic Contract Cleaning Services.

Almost 10 years ago I started this business with a bucket and a ladder, I had a determination and a desire to create, maintain & sustain a life enhancing opportunity by providing a steady service in our communities and a full time employment opportunity for myself and others.

I started in the local community of Kilbarrack – Foxfield back in 2009 and started off cleaning all my neighbours homes on a regular monthly basis. I have developed the business over the years and gained the necessary skills and expertise required now offering our services to…

Residential - Commercial -Private & Industrial Clients

For all of our clients past, present and future we are so grateful for the continued support and business that you continually give to us here at Mr. Magic enabling us to offer employment opportunities to local people and work experience.

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